Parmalee is set to perform “Already Callin’ You Mine” on NBC’s TODAY Show


Parmalee is set to perform its latest hit “Already Callin’ You Mine” on NBC’s TODAY Show on Tuesday, September 8th. The performance will mark the chart-topping group’s inaugural appearance on one of America’s leading morning shows and the timing couldn’t be more full-circle for Country music’s ‘band of brothers.’

This September will mark the five-year anniversary of the armed robbery that nearly ended Parmalee’s music career and altered the band’s lives forever. On the eve of signing its first major label deal Parmalee  — brothers Matt and Scott Thomas; cousin Barry Knox; and friend Josh McSwain — performed one last string of shows in order to fund its way back to Nashville. After performing in Rock Hill, SC, two assailants attempted to rob Parmalee’s RV at gunpoint, leaving drummer Scott Thomas shot three times and fighting for his life. The band pulled together to help nurse Thomas back to health. Four surgeries and months of rehabilitation later, Parmalee finally made its way back to Nashville to sign its record deal.

“It’s crazy to sit back and think about what we’ve been through to where we are now,” says Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas. “Parmalee has come a long way  – not only from that night – but also from the days of working as loggers, furniture re-possessors and pizza makers just so we could support our band. Now we are about to perform on the TODAY show. It’s just unreal. We are so grateful to be here.”