“The massive success of. . .hit song “Carolina” has elevated this country quartet to the big leagues. Their major-label debut is a sold mix of Kid Rock-esque party jams, as well as surprisingly sweet monster ballads. . .” ~ People magazine

“. . . [a] deeply amiable album. . .while Parmalee makes misbehavior sound cuddly, it’s especially well equipped for regret. That’s what animates not only “Carolina,” but also the album closer “Another Day Gone,” which opens with Matt Thomas singing ruefully, “I screwed up seven summers in one afternoon gone wrong,” and only gets more bruised from there. ~ The New York Times

“Parmalee’s debut album, “Feels Like Carolina” (Stoney Creek), is so good that the band is perched on the edge of an overnight success story. . .” ~ Newsday

“. . .these guys are a throwback to bands that fleshed out melodies with tight harmonies and classic-rock guitar riffs.” ~ USA TODAY

“. . . their chemistry as a band and authentic love for both genres comes through with a powerful kick. ‘Feels Like Carolina’ feels really good as Parmalee holds a torch for a new brand of contemporary country and Southern rock.” ~ Great American Country (GAC)

“It [Feels Like Carollina] results in a twelve-song collection that never repeats an idea, full of songs that never feel like filler. It’s a generous act and anyone who knows that it takes this sort of artistic bravery to keep a music genre progressing should write a “thank you” to Parmalee this Christmas.” ~ Parcbench.com

“There are more hits to be found on ‘Feels Like Carolina,’ a country debut to truly be proud of.” ~ Taste of Country

“Given the morning-after calling card that is ‘Musta Had A Good Time,’ you’d expect Parmalee’s debut album to be a bit spirited. The quartet certainly doesn’t disappoint. . .” ~ Billboard

“. . .it’s the songs they’ve had a hand in writing that are the best of the bunch.” ~ Country Weekly

“It is songs like this [“Another Day Gone”]. . .that showcase the strong potential of Parmalee to be one of the next great bands in Country Music. Feels Like Carolina showcases a tight band with a strong ear for melodies and lyrics which suit the same part of the genre which is also home to Eric Church and Jason Aldean. . .” ~ Roughstock

“. . .solid from start to finish.” ~ Digital Journal

“FEELS LIKE CAROLINA takes you on a journey that you’ll find yourself putting on repeat.” ~ Nashville Country Club

“Parmalee definitely set the bar when it comes to releasing a debut album. This project leaves a permanent mark on country music, and is one of the top debut album releases in 2013.” ~ CountryMusicRocks.net

“There have been few releases lately that have been true records, ones that you can listen to from start to finish. Add Parmalee’s to that list.” ~ Got Country Online